1. Birthday

      Birthday boy here is still in his early thirties, but barely! Ha! We had fun and tried a new place to eat. 
At the Grismore abode when it is your birthday you get to go anywhere you want to eat. 

2. Lemonade Stand

      Ainzli and her friends had an idea to have a lemonade stand during a big rummage sale in our area. (Three Musketeers Lemonade, how stinking cute is that name! Although there are 4 of them. I love kids, seriously love them!!!) It was early enough in the week, so I told them if they brought me a game plan and had a check list I would help them. All of this with the thinking (on my part) that they would get to playing and not following through. Boy, was I wrong! They did amazing. It was organized, well thought out, and with huge giving hearts. They wanted to be able to donate money to Riley Children's Hospital, and they did. $20 is in the mail. I am so proud of them.!

3. Birthday's More Birthday's!

      May is a huge birthday month in our family, on both sides. So this weekend Grammy was up for all three of these.  Ainzli and Eli will be 9. They are just 10 days apart. That has always been so fun! So we played ball, rode bikes, opened presents and ate. Gosh, what else do you do for birthday's?!
Never before have I noticed, but when Ainzli and Eli smile, their eyes have the exact same shape. :)

4. Recital

      Ms. Blue's spring piano recital. She did great. I do believe for this one she was more aware of the audience and what it really meant. I could tell she was nervous, but Shannon said he couldn't. She did awesome and truly loves it. There are many different skill level's at the recital. It is awesome, I could sit and listen to some of those kids all day. Can we say "play us a song, yo, piano man!" A-WE-SOME!

This picture, oh, I love this picture. She is playing for her Daddy. There are pictures that personally just melt your heart, they are far and few between for me, but this is one of them. 

5. Graduation

      Lillie has officially graduated from preschool. Yeah! She has made many new friends and we now know that all of the kids who will be attending her elementary from preschool are boys. Lookout Kindergarten teachers, this could be very eventful! 

The little boy in the tie is Lillie's preschool boyfriend (not really, but we have definitely teased her). She told me one day, "Mom, we are on the same level." Um, ok, Ms . Blue whatever you say. 

You are now all caught up on us from the last week. Shew, that was crazy! 



Stalking Robin

Over the last three weeks I have been wanting, very badly, to get a good picture of a robin. Our backyard is full of little creatures. We have a rabbit friend, squirrels, chipmunks, birds and more. I love to watch all of them. I am positive that when I am older I will live on my porch watching the wildlife. 
We have a nest that a mama robin has been visiting the last couple of years. So this weekend I told the little women, I will have a picture of robin, somehow. 
These little guys are not at all what I was expecting! I had no idea that they were in there. I climbed up the ladder and just stared at them. They are new. Not sure how new, but new. 
I was as quiet as I could be, the only real noise was my camera. I got the shots I wanted and then the little women got to have a first hand look. 
I hope to watch them grow.

Their mama was waiting on the power line for me to get away. They were hungry!

I think the "before feathers" fur is so cute. 

Happy Monday to All!



A Spot of Tea

Yesterday was Mother's Tea at Preschool. May is a hard month for school age kids. The antsiness is already in full swing. At the preschool level it is red alert! They are so stinking cute, though.  God Bless Ms. Sue and Ms. Kristin.
Guess what? I forgot to take my camera. What? How? What good mama does that? Well, this one! Cripes!
But, you know what, I enjoyed just sitting their watching Lillie Blue sing. And oh does she sing! She is quite regimented with the choreographed moves as well. Very cute production.
We received their journals with some of their selected works from throughout the year. They also take one of your child's old shoes; paint it gold, put flowers and moss in it and that is the Mother's Day gift from Ms. Blue.

Me: After piano can I get my picture with you? You look so pretty and today was Mother's Tea!
Ms. Blue: Yes, but only two. 

This is what I got. And when she says two, that is it.  I annoy her with my camera quite frequently, but she challenges me. :)

She will pose for me if it suites her fancy. When it suites her fancy you just never know what you might get! Love this kid so much it hurts!

Happy Mother's Day to all you Mama's out there. Appreciate all you do!




All went well with Mama.

Strong. Courageous.Determined.Relieved.Recovering.Better take it Easy.Everything went beautifully............Mama.

The little women and I left the hospital, and of course, we had to throw money in the fountain. It was an absolutely beautiful day yesterday, in so many ways!

Look at the little panties showing through the tights. Oh my!

Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers :)




I couldn't decide if I wanted to do this post or not, but I thought what the heck, the blogsphere can be a sort of friends and family place. My lovely Mama is having neck/back surgery today, actually in a couple of hours. She has been a lot of pain over the last 3 months and is ready......... but then not so ready. It is a very frightening surgery. Can you imagine having your spine operated on through the front of your neck?!

I just got chills.

So if you could throw up a prayer or two for her I would be forever indebted. (Did you know today is the National Day of Prayer?) I just know that is a good sign.:)

In Him.



My Day Job

My family owns and runs a transportation company. You see our drivers live all over the country, deliver loads all over the country, and at any given time can be anywhere in the country (we also deliver to Canada and have even taken loads to Alaska! Pretty cool!)
This past weekend was a pretty big first for us. We had a Driver Appreciation Dinner. Trying to get 60 drivers to one part of the country can be a pretty daunting task. With a lot of hard work and planning we were able to get about half.
The Autri Ladies did a wonderful job in getting the plans up and off the ground to make this event happen.
We had a buffet style dinner, log class, door prizes to give away, and a money raffle. When all was finished the drivers were able to hook to their load and again begin their journey across the country, wherever that may be.

The Autri Crew. It doesn't happen without the hard work of these individuals. 

This is an example of what you might see if you came across one of our trucks. We haul RV's, horse trailers, boats, decon units (decon is a fancy word for bathroom trailer, just sounds a little more professional!) , shower units, concession trailers and more. We have even pulled a Planter's Peanut trailer across the country. That was a sight!

A few of the trucks in our fleet. 

The dinner was a hit. Just a big "Thank you" to all of our drivers and I truly do
 appreciate all that you do. 

Meet the Autri Ladies. Stephanie, Tami, Barb and Amy. Thanks for all of your hard work :) 

Our jobs can be pretty stressful at times. So when you are able to have fun, do it to the max!

Have a tip top day!