This Sunday Afternoon

I am here. By myself. For like 30 minutes. So I thought I would drop a line. Get these photos out of the Blog2013 folder.

 I am telling you, this child has always been a hoot in goggles.
I don't know what it is about them on her face.
These particular ones always have the one side that flaps out. 
And the bathing suit.
It is 3 years old.
So stretched out and faded.
It used to be a beautiful pink.
She liked it this day.

 My Ainzli.
She is letting her hair grow.
It is thick, bushy and unruly.
She wears it well.
She is letting it grow.
It always gets almost blonde in the summer.
I never thought for one second I would be able to use the word blonde to describe
any offspring of mine. 
More personal stuff on this girl to come.
We had a BIG announcement this week!

 We found an old friend.
The Nabi.
It is a wonderful kids tablet.
It has been on a shelf for quite sometime.
Ms. Blue found the charger. 
Got it to 100%.
It is a new found love.

Candy Land.
They are 11 and almost 8.
They laughed and laughed.
I love you summer.
I love you lazy morning.
I love you board games and all the fun you bring to us.
I love you my little women.


In A Month

We have been out of school for one month. It has been fantastic. We are enjoying each others company.  Simply, just loving life. Enough said. 

 We are getting new kitchen countertops.
What! What!
So excited!
The guy was here to measure.
Installation is not for about a month.

 Went out to Acton County. 
That would be my parents house. And that is what Shannon refers to their place as.
Mom found a nest on the ground, with two little eggs beside it.
So beautiful.

I have come to find that green is God's backdrop color.
Look all around you.
Beautiful greens.

 This is me.
The flower is from my BooBoo Bear. 
She still loves to give me flowers.
Ahh, my heart sings. 
I wear a hat or something on my head.
All. The. Time.
I am letting my hair grow.
I wear something to cover my scar.
All. The. Time.
I am currently reading Sense and Sensibility.

 This is our Stella Macaroni.
She just turned 7.
She is getting gray.
She tires out more quickly than she used too.
She is possibly the best dog that has ever roamed our little piece of land.

Rusty Man.
Currently he is laying on our table.
I know that is gross and all sorts of other adjectives.
I am a cat lady and he is my cat.
For all you cat people out there, you know what I mean.


A Natural

Plays with the little women.
Kisses them good night. Every single night.
Longs to brush their hair.
Has more patience with them than I do. (Most of the time)
Longs to give them more than they will ever need.

We went into this parenting gig young, unexpectantly, and unprepared. We had no idea how or what kind of parents we wanted to be. Turns out he is a natural. He knew how from the very beginning. There has never been a moment in his 11 years of fathering that I have doubted his abilities.
Thank you, God, for the daddy you have given my little women.