And I'm Back With a Tooth

Hello. It is good to be typing in this long rectangular box. Thinking of the things I have missed putting here.
Milestones the Little Women have accomplished.
Milestones we have accomplished.
It's ok. I know that. I needed to do what we have been doing.
Today feels right to share.
Nothing to inspiring.
Just one 7 year old who is sure that when a tooth is ready to be pulled that it is major surgery.
She for sure takes that train of thought from Yours Truly.
Sorry to pass on my complete fear of anything to do with hurting my body onto you the Boo.

She is sure she will do it herself.
He and I know she won't.
We would fall over if she ever did.
(Side Note: Curling your toes gives you strength!)

He cheers her on.
He also gets frustrated.
I get frustrated with her as well.
Just not over the tooth thing.

She is getting so big.
So witty.
Carefree in ways.
Uptight in others.
Loves fiercely. 

This one is my favorite.
I love having a photo of my children crying.
There is so much to be said in those faces.  

Pleading to please try later.
He gives in. 
I was proud of him.

I hope to share with you, little by little, our path.
My defeats.
And my victories........................