Good Morning, Mrs. Grismore

At the beginning of the year I went through the process to become a substitute teacher. I love being at the girls school. Honestly, I am there at least one day a week regularly. It is a way to earn money, be on their same schedule, get to know the kids my girls are around, and lastly, be bossy. Which is probably my favorite!:)
So I have been doing it for a little over a month. I am telling you, you should feel good about the substitute teachers that are in the schools. It is one rigorous process. Anyway, here's what I am getting at.
I don't want to have a "real" job. I did that. It was good. I do feel like I missed out on a lot of stuff, though. I want a life with less stress, although, stress does seem to creep in from other places.:) I want to be able to have our summers. No alarm clock. No schedule. Just me and my girls. Swimming. Playing. Snuggling. Hiking. Going to the park. Then waiting for Daddy to come home. Gosh, it just sounds euphoric.
Not to say it wasn't scarey to give up my job. But we knew, we just knew, it was the right thing to do. And we have not looked back.
I suppose my whole reason for this post is............ thankfulness. I just have so much to be thankful for. And knowing that when one door closes on a chapter in my life another will open.
When I trust Him, He will provide.
It may not be in my time, but He will provide.
First, I must trust Him.

These pictures have nothing to do with my post.
Except that this afternoon was one of those afternoons.
Nowhere to be.
No emails to answer.
No stupid cell phone ringing.
Just me and my baby Boo. 

Oh Happy Days:)


What Was I Thinking?

What would blog world be if you didn't put out your embarassing stuff too? Two Tuesdays a month Ms. Blue and I get an hour to spend together. We always find something interesting to do. The last two we have invaded Wildcat Park. Last week I didn't even have my camera in the Loser Cruiser. Ms. Blue, for the most part, detests my camera. I have resorted to pretend upset-ness to get her to cooperate. Unscrupulous, I know. But a mom has to sometimes.........well do things she said she never would.:)
I wanted to share our pictures. First of all. What was I thinking? The train is cute and all, but I only have 10 seconds of self timer time. And then trying to crawl through that little hole.
I hope you all appreciate the "ridiculous" your about to witness!

Lillie was laughing at me. 
This time I am not even fast enough to get in the stupid thing!
Her face is so cute though.

 Got in.
Not enough time to fix my sweater.
Back is slightly hanging out.

 Got in.
Got posed.
Lillie with the hand. Priceless!
Are you kidding me?
Gave up!

Here's to you!
Here's to me!
Here's to doing foolish stuff,
all in the name of memories!

Happy Day.