As the World Turns

No. My life is not a soap opera. Nowhere close. It is pretty much a daily repeat. One day to the next. Right now, I am super happy with that repeat button being pressed. But with me, you never know when and if that is going to start to make me twitch.

Our Stella Macaroni. 
This day, Duchess, her nemesis was out on a walk. 
Stella can't see out of this window, but somehow she senses her.
So, I taunted her a little to get this shot.

Ms. Blue's white board.
She is T totally on a Daddy kick right now.
It's as if I don't exist.
It's completely heart melting

Ainzli did some research online on how to build a good tent.
She did awesome. 
It had rooms.
No kidding.
It was up the entire weekend.

These next 3 were found on my camera after a download.
They had cleaned the entire shoot up.
I didn't even know about them.
What a pleasant surprise!

 This particular yard was absolutely beautiful when we moved in.
7 years ago.
Since then, the woman of the house has gone into a nursing home.
The man of the house still lives here but spends all his time with her.
There is much neglected here.
Thistles galore. Her peonies have been swallowed by lesser beauties. The yard is pretty gnarly.
But what matters, what truly matters, is not here.
Now when I look at this yard, it is still beautiful.
In its neglect is beauty.

This girl has that ball with her at all times.
The marks on my walls are the proof.
She is passionate about it.
She wants to truly pursue it.

Her and I pass almost everyday.
We have a broken outside light.
A broken house number.
Making memories. 
That is what I tell myself.
Scuffed walls.
Broken stuff.
Constant banging.
We are just making memories.

Garage Sale.
For some reason I stopped.
Too much fun.

Here we go.
Gingham apron.
Milkglass lamps.
Drumroll please.........

A Sunday afternoon in the rain.

Sometimes our hillbilly roots cannot be concealed.
I love this shot.
No reason why, just do.

Oh happy day. Have a great one.



Line Up

How is it that you can be enjoying a good game of four square then, within 10 minutes, be having to discipline? Well, come on over to the Grismore abode and I will tell you! Unfortunate? Yes. Tiring? Very. Genius discipline action? I think so.
We clean everything up outside and head in. We are in for about 5 minutes. The dad of the abode is wanting to take a shower, so he graciously offers the little women to go first. One says the other has to go first................ uh oh.
Within 30 seconds voices are raised and Ms. Blue is screeching. I step in. I tell the Mr. to go take a shower. However long you want. Enjoy yourself, because the little women are going to line up and wait for their showers.

What? Why? one asks. Still screeching.
The other little woman just walks and gets her towel and washcloth.
There may have been some things said beyond my earshot, but it's not long and Ms. Blue is spewing unpleasantrys. 
So, I tell her she will be last in line.


It all worked out. I really think they will remember this one.
Some of these shots of Ms. Blue were do to my photo taking. Ms. Blue gets really out of sorts with it at times.
She got mad at Ainzli because, how long does it take to shower? Why did she get to go first when it takes her ssssoooooo long?
The Mr. told her that he will sit here in his towel, in her great grandma Lillie's rocker and watch her show. Catapulted her even more. She is a passionate girl. I have said it before, the force is strong with this one. Seriously, strong.
At this point the show was a comedy for him and me.
It may well be offspring torture.
But hey, it's the small things, right?

Have a wonderful weekend:)


Family Lovin'

I don't have anything to say. Things are good here. Just been enjoying life and documenting when I can. Have a wonderful weekend.:)

 She ran for Student Council, again.
Good for her. 
We have the poster making down to a science.
She had an idea. 
She told me about it.
We built on it together.
The day of her speech her outfit matched her poster.
She didn't plan it, but it looks like she did.
She got voted in.

 We spent most of a day together.
Just my niece and me.

 They are 10 months apart.
They are either loving or fighting.
No in-between.
He was fascinated by our peanut butter making skills.