Mommy Likes

It is official. I have the coolest phone on the planet! On our Spring Break trip I used it so much more than I really ever thought I would. I love my DSLR. I love beautiful pictures. I love to push myself with composition, but not all the time. I have never had a digital point and shoot. Now I do! I downloaded this crazy cool photography app (Instagram) and it has some pretty cool options. I did the editing of all the photos below on my phone.  Who would have ever thought you would have so much available in the palm of your hand.

Oh the serenity. 
Driving from my mother-in-law's to Gatlinburg. This is somewhere in between. 

Ainzli had an assignment this week that required her to measure parts of her body. Nose, ears, arm, legs, etc. Her foot is 8.25 inches and mine is 9.5. Oh how time is flying. 

Sisters. I think so! 
Physically they are similar. Personality they could not be more different. 
Fun, Fun, Fun!

We here at the Grismore abode love us some Birkenstocks. Got these at the Birkenstock store on sale. Last years models. Score!

Thank you for the awesome time we always have with you Grammy and D :)

Oh my goodness. Ainzli loves her iPod. The day we went to Rock City she snapped 400 pictures. 

Mommy's sunglasses and a berry smoothie. 

The Boo really enjoys ice cream. It makes me laugh, but she may just be a connoisseur! 
She is letting her bangs grow out. It can be a very hard thing to do, she does not always want me to pull them back. We are working on it. Wish me luck! 

Hope you enjoy your first day of April :)



Crazy Cousins

Above is my first (posted) iPhone Photo. :)

I have officially been an iPhone owner for a week now, and I love it. I had a "smartphone" a few years ago and let me tell you that thing was not all that smart (there is just no way possible it was the user :).
Honestly, I cannot believe it is mine. It is amazingly user friendly and I was able to sync everything I need all by myself. I am not a techie, so that is a large feat for me.  I have been able to do so many things that just were not possible before.  Being able to answer my emails is worth it's weight in gold! Freedom with the iPhone. Thank you Apple for another amazing product!

Got to spend the weekend with the nephew and niece. All I can say it that you never know what will happen or what will be said. The kids played, danced, colored and bickered; you know all the things cousins do. They all have rain boots now, I love them! Avelyn didn't wear hers, she loves her sparkly Chucks. Those were a gift from Uncle Shannon. He always has known how to buy a pair of shoes for a girl.

This is Avelyn. Otherwise known as "Baby Girl". She is so lovable when she is tired and I forgot how much I have missed a little one holding their arms up to me too be held.

She is working on potty training. She just turned 2 in December, so no big rush. She was having lunch at the bar in the kitchen. She wanted to just wear panties, so I thought "why not". She announces during the meal "I'm peeing" with a big smile on her face. Well ok, no more panties, how about a pull-up? "Ok" she says. She is a matter-of-fact kid, no punches pulled with this little lady.

This is the last of our babies. I think of it and I feel a little sad. Who would have thought that the next babies in the family would be OUR grandkids! Oh my gosh, I think I just might have thrown up in my mouth a little!

Had an absolutely wonderful weekend and am now looking forward to the next big thing: Spring Break!
Woohoo, it is only a week and a half away.

Autumn :)