A Balancing Act

Our little women make us laugh. They are in a stage where they are getting along. This house feels so much better when they are not at each other. They are sharing a room. Probably won't last long, but they are loving it, so why not. 

Just a couple of pictures of the "look at me" girl. 
Yep, She has crazy mad balancing skills. 
It was her thing for the afternoon. 
Balancing on the basketball. 
So easily entertained. 


A Stolen Heart

I work in a special education room at an elementary.
Mr. Victory, (pictured above) stole my heart the day he arrived in our room.
He steals it again and again.


Plastic Eggs, Please

We attend the Easter Egg Hunt at our church. It is fun. There are over 3000 stuffed eggs. Way too many this year! Of course, it was raining. So the hunt was is the gym and surrounding classrooms. Plus, this year the hunt was early. 
Like, way early. 
Fun, none the less. 

 Ms. Blue's finds.
She devoured the majority of the candy on Sunday.
She was sneaky about it. 
I can't believe she didn't vomit.
I am not exaggerating. 
There are maybe 5 pieces left.

Ainzli and Natalie.
They are good friends.
Her parents went to high school with Shannon and me.
Natalie is a hoot.
Somehow the subject of supermodels and their lack of modesty came up in their circle.

Yep, church Easter Egg Hunt, Baby!

 I come strolling down the stairs and look across the way and I see this.
No one around her.
She is looking through her bucket.
Not a care in the world.
She does not care in the slightest that there is no one talking to or around her.
Most of the time, she prefers it.

Ms. Blue is an island.

She has always kind of been that way.
Makes me sad some days.
Most days it proves to serve her very well.

It was one fun Saturday afternoon. Then we went home and watched the Hoosiers get their butts handed to them. Bummer! 


She's Shootin'

Santa brought them bows and arrows this past Christmas. He brought them because they had asked for them. It crossed my mind, "Really, will they even remember them in the Spring?"
Apparently they have. The weather has not even turned warm consistently and they are target practicing at the fence. 
They like it. Ainzli really likes it. It doesn't surprise me. There is definitely more outdoorsy blood running through that girls veins. 
There are rules. The arrows are blunt ended. There cannot be anyone outside at any of the neighbors (the reasoning for that is there have been arrows go through the slits in the fence. Yep, we are THOSE neighbors!). 
It is fun. There is nothing better than looking out the window and seeing them playing together. Enjoying an activity together. Laughing. Helping each other. Being outside.  Not screaming at each other. Not seeing Lillie lunge at Ainzli's jugular. 
Trust me, I have seen it. 


One Last Hoorah

We enjoyed the unexpected March snow. We were the first to sled through it. We were there for so long my legs started to burn. I haven't had this much fun with my little women in awhile.