Line Up

How is it that you can be enjoying a good game of four square then, within 10 minutes, be having to discipline? Well, come on over to the Grismore abode and I will tell you! Unfortunate? Yes. Tiring? Very. Genius discipline action? I think so.
We clean everything up outside and head in. We are in for about 5 minutes. The dad of the abode is wanting to take a shower, so he graciously offers the little women to go first. One says the other has to go first................ uh oh.
Within 30 seconds voices are raised and Ms. Blue is screeching. I step in. I tell the Mr. to go take a shower. However long you want. Enjoy yourself, because the little women are going to line up and wait for their showers.

What? Why? one asks. Still screeching.
The other little woman just walks and gets her towel and washcloth.
There may have been some things said beyond my earshot, but it's not long and Ms. Blue is spewing unpleasantrys. 
So, I tell her she will be last in line.


It all worked out. I really think they will remember this one.
Some of these shots of Ms. Blue were do to my photo taking. Ms. Blue gets really out of sorts with it at times.
She got mad at Ainzli because, how long does it take to shower? Why did she get to go first when it takes her ssssoooooo long?
The Mr. told her that he will sit here in his towel, in her great grandma Lillie's rocker and watch her show. Catapulted her even more. She is a passionate girl. I have said it before, the force is strong with this one. Seriously, strong.
At this point the show was a comedy for him and me.
It may well be offspring torture.
But hey, it's the small things, right?

Have a wonderful weekend:)

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