Snot and Vomit

Ainzli was home from school yesterday. Woke up with the up chucks. Gotta love that.
So no work for me and no school for Sis. Once the snot vomit (this could be too much information, but snot vomit is exactly that. So much snot in the head it drains into your stomach and you throw it up. So to those of you with weak constitutions, sorry) was over it was onto other things. Mario Kart. Netflix. And food. This girl does not miss a meal. We are talking, never.

Apparently, something on the tv was intense. It required two pinkies in the mouth.  

Back to school and work today. I am longing to get back into our routine.


In Room 306

Ms. Blue and I took a long weekend trip. It was to visit with family and watch my sister do what she loves. (Those pictures will come later). This post is for the kids. Because what else do you do on a rainy day, but take pictures. Ok. Maybe it is just the photo bugs like me that enjoy that kind of thing.

These are grainy.
As in, had to boost that film speed to get enough light.
No Flash, I say, No Flash!

 Oliver informed me after I showed him this picture 
that he didn't know everyone was making funny faces. 
I thought, that's ok buddy, I will take your little smirk all day long!

Look at him.
This is classic Oliver.
He is like a little man.
What I love:
the pose
the smirk
the two toes hanging out of his sister's sock

It's like that, ya'll!
(our trip was to Georgia)

I love this look on her face.
The subtle smile.
The twinkle eyes.
She looks so sweet.


Shannon and Ainzli did not get to go with us. She had her big basketball tournament. So you know, the coach and one of the key players should probably be there. They made it to the final game. Yeah! She is playing some solid basketball, that girl is. All 5'1" of her! 


The Leftovers

I brought home a few little punched out hearts and pink paper from work. I put up the Valentine's Day bulletin board in our classroom. Fun! 
Ms. Blue was tickled pink with the left overs. 

Love you Ms. Blue. 
Thank you for all the I Love You's. 


She Bakes

She has found out that she loves to bake. The holidays were filled with homemade brownies by Ainzli. I know, I just mentioned the holidays. Yet, that is how far back these photos go. Sad. Yes. Better late than never, I always say. 

 I have always loved this girls profile. 
She is fairly clumsy and quirky.
She has some of the best little come backs.
She is growing into one beautiful little lady.
All. The. Way. Around.

This is the look of:
Will you please just leave me alone?