Spring Has Sprung?

The day could not have been any better for mid-late February. The weather scares me a little. What will this spring hold? Will Poppa be freaking out during planting season? Oh yeah. He will. Cause well, he always does, but what if this year is worse! Will there be more bugs than we can possible handle this summer?
There is nothing I can do about all of the above, so why worry.
Yesterday was great.
Took the girls to the park.
We brought along our neighbor girl.
Daddy joined us after work.
Pure family fun.
Doesn't get any better.

They love the big rock. 
So fun to climb.
The first jump down of the season is always a little scarey.
Hence, Ms. Blue's face!

 She's just so much fun!

 Don't you love a smile so big 
there are no eyes left?

 Grismore family fun includes Stella 
on so many occasions.
First slide trip.
She told Ainzli she liked it:)

 We are going to attempt soccer this spring.
Wish us luck!!!!!



Good Eats

So my lovely husband had business to attend to around the Indianapolis area last Friday. I know, I am just now getting to the post. Sad.
So as I said, Indianapolis.
Great City. It's in the Midwest. How could it not be great!:)
He dropped me off downtown.
Monument Circle.
With my saddle bag. My journal. My book. My camera.
There would be nothing else I would need.
I walked around for awhile. Just soaking it all in. I suppose the bustle would get old if you were in the mix on a regular basis. But, I am not. So it was great.
I was meeting my sister for her break at work. She works right on the circle. Pretty cool, I might add.
To be sure I didn't get caught up and risk missing her, I thought I would enjoy a pastry from the bakery directly across the street. au bon pain. A chain bakery. I like to visit independent places if I can. This time it just didn't work out. Good, none the less.

Creme' de Fleur
Sourdough..esk little pastry with cream cheese icing.
Went wonderfully with my bold blend coffee. 

There was just a smidge of icing on the inside.
Just right in the bottom. 

 So after my visit I wanted to head toward the library. It was a beautiful day for a walk. Saw lots of cool stuff that distracted me.
Not talking.
Not a care.
It was great.
The thing that pulled me in like a tractor beam was the Indiana World War Museum. It it quite a spectacular building. Plus I am a history nut. I spent a couple of hours in there. So much to learn from our past. So much.
Finally made it to the library. With not much time to spare. Shannon called not long after I looked around. I did get in one chapter of my book. Plus a couple of photos of the library. I think I was alone all in all about 5 hours.
He picked me up and we decided we would have a late lunch.
I saw a cute little pizza place I thought we could try.
He wasn't so sold. So goes our story. I want to always walk out on limbs. He is my go go gadget boy, attached to the trunk, reeling me back in.
Balance. There must be balance.

I won this toss up!
If you ever make a trip to downtown Indy. You must go here. I repeat. You MUST go here.
Coal Pizza Company.
It is independently owned.
It just opened in January.
A week before the Super Bowl.
Their claim to fame. Or it soon will be in my book is: Neopolitan style pizza.
90 seconds at 900 degrees.
This is how they make their pizzas.
They suggest only three ingredients maximum for the best results.

Mangia Rolls.
Can't say much about them, but that they are delightful little morsels.

The piece de resistance'!
Tarte Flambe'
Smoke Bacon, Onion, Gruyere' (that's a cheese for those of you who are about as seasoned as I!) 

I do believe I could have horked the majority of this down. 
But you know, being a lady and all, I only horked down a third. 
Paired with a nice little Indiana Microbrewed Pale Ale.
Best late lunch I can remember.
Best one my husband can remember too.



Consistantly Behind

At this point in my life, I am leading from behind. I could try to explain it, but I believe it would be useless. Even though I know it is hard for my co-inhabitants here at the Grismore abode, they are tolerating it. They love me and I them.

We have been living in 
Valentine Land 
for the last couple of weeks.
I just really hope the duct tape doesn't
peel the white paint off the ceiling.

Mailboxes for my Valentines.
Got the idea here.
I really like this holiday.
It comes the time of year I really need a pick me up.
This year especially.

Yes. That is what Ms. Blue mentioned.
Writing Happy Valentine's Day was too long.
I convinced her maybe HVD wasn't such a great idea.
It just sounds like something you might NOT want!:) 

So, HVD!
A day late.
And a dollar short.
But with no less love.


Bending My Rules

We were stuck in traffic on the way to visit my sister. Like stand still traffic. I do my best to lead by example when it comes to my phone and my automobile. I never text while I drive. NEVER! Not even when my kids are not in the van. Scares the crap out of me. No joke! I am diligent about not talking on it too much either.
But this circumstance was different. We were basically parked.
So away I snap.
What else is there to do when you are surrounded by semi's?

The below pictures were originally to capture all three of us. Just something fun. Silly. Goofy. All the words that tend to describe us on a regular basis.  After a few looks, they prove the awesomeness of my Ainzli. 

Her picture.
This look is one I am getting more and more often.
She is starting to call me out on some of the odd things that come out of my mouth.
We then laugh.

Miss Lillie's pictures.
She is focused on the box van in front of us.
She is convinced I am going to hit it.
"Here is my teeth smile, Mom. That is the best you will get."
  I told Ainzli she was slightly in the frame.
This is the look she gave me.
It just makes me laugh.

 My picture.
Look at her! 

More on the actual visit with Audri later. :)

Have a lovely one!