It's a Quarter to 4

I have been browsing the web at different blogs over the pass week, and WOW are there some truly dedicated bloggers. I find these women amazing (sorry guys, haven't found any avid men bloggers worth following at this time)! I am feeling a little inadequate as I am scrolling through their thoughts, recipes, pictures, ideas, etc. Then it dawned on me see how long they have been doing it...............years! How awesome is it to have compiled all the information they have, put it on the noodle net, and allow newbies like me to bathe in it and try it on my own. I want to say "thank you" from the bottom of my heart and I can only hope to someday stand in your shadow Mrs. Homeschooling Hero!



We have been planning for over a month to stay with Audri and go to Appleworks. Appleworks is an apple orchard in Trafalgar, their Scottish festival was this past weekend so there was live music, vendors, horse rides, a little train ride and a petting zoo. There were just so many cool things and all of the beautiful scenery, the orchard is situated on little rolling hills with a couple of little ponds connected by little outlets of water. It really is beautiful.
I have had the best of intentions to make applesauce this Autumn season, but I have not taken the time to get apples. Well, now I don't have an excuse! I bought a peck, and am going to give it a shot this weekend. Wish me luck! Plus, Ainzli brought home a recipe for applebutter, which she has informed me she loves. I would really enjoy making the applebutter out of my own applesauce. Just like Caroline did on the prairie......... I was also able to finish up my third week word for my bible study. (I think I will post all of those at the end of the study) I just love a fun filled weekend!


Autumn is Here!

I am so excited, but it is true, I have arrived. Ha! Now I know why my parents named me Autumn, how could you possibly not love this time of year. Seeing the awesome wonder of the changing of so many plants, bugs, landscapes, etc. I love taking Lillie to preschool and seeing a combine, dust whirling in its path, clearing a field. The smells that Fall brings, can so often put me right back to my childhood. Riding our Yamaha 200 across the field from our house to Grandma's, giggling and our hair blowing in the wind.... Those are some amazing memories!............. Lillie and I have been watching a tree in our neighbors yard over the last two weeks gradually change. I looked again a couple of days ago and I thought, my goodness it is changing so fast! So of course, I told Lillie to take a look, and she said, "oh, it's taking to long!" Too long! I would love to savor this specific Fall weather for at least two months (longer if you really want to know the truth) and a five year old thinks two weeks is too long, blasphemy!


Tidbits of Time

Good afternoon! Our girl's are 8 and 5 (sometimes looking at those ages makes my heart flutter), and time seems to be so broke up these days. I knew this year would be the year of running, needless to say though, I had not prepared myself for how much. Ainzli started "Heavenly Noises" last night (choir at a local church) and Lillie piano, and preschool and work and all the moves it takes in a day to have a house running as smoothly as it can. So we call these broke up pieces of time "tidbits". We relished in a tidbit one late afternoon at the park. A nice, small, clean little park. I have been trying to photograph letters for a project I am doing at church (fun, by the way!). So our treasured tidbit got us some physical activity, which I am in dire need of!

I didn't realize until I had one, that left-handed people push the merry-go-round the opposite way. 

We call her "The Boo Bear" or "The Boo", I don't know why exactly that is relevant at this particular time, but it is a nice little "tidbit" of information. 

I love being this beautiful little girls mother, still sometimes takes my breath away that she chose me. 


"Sisters, sisters, there were never such devoted sisters!" ( a line from the movie White Christmas, their all-time favorite Christmas movie, too date)


Your senior year. It is a year that you wait for, but then you blink and it is over. There will never be another year like it............... I took these of Caleb and I hope they do him justice.


What a Monday

We rode our bikes over to Ms. Kathy's for Lillie's first piano lesson. The piano that sits in the front room definitely gets a work out, so we thought why not channel that energy. I am so excited, it would be awesome to have a piano player in the house!..... On top of piano, Shannon had his first business trip. A group from Brevini went to tour Gleason (a company they are buying machines from), then they are headed to a trade show. He is just so excited about this new job venture, and definitely getting to do things to broaden his comfort zone......... Ainzli is just loving second grade. She and Mrs. Clements have a good personality connection, which makes the years outlook just wonderful. Her newest project is the students have to log 250 minutes a month of independent reading. She has been reading Junie B. Jones, Magic Treehouse and just books around here. Her eagerness is inspiring.

Lillie Blue on her first day of piano lessons.  

When we got home from piano, the girls got out the pot tops, utensils and enthusiasm! They made music, jousted("The War") and played like crazy. They are totally sassafras, and I love it!


  Lillie crawled up into the base of the pub table, her little silly spot. All too soon, she will not fit in it! The music night in our house turned into an entire night of fun and entertainment.

We ended the night taking turns photographing. Thank you so much for this shot Lillie! 


Happily Ever After

Angie called us yesterday and said she got married! She and Rod went to the Justice of the Peace and have made it official. How exciting! We toasted with them (horrible tasting champagne), took pictures, and went to DoMo to celebrate. Angie loves hibachi grills, and it was Rods first time, so if you know Rod it was quite an experience. It was great! Congratulations!


The end of summer is too near

They get so excited when Shannon let's them ride the four wheeler in the yard. I love the simple things that bring them such joy. What happy little women!



Our first pictures are, of course, of 2 Grismore summer essentials, bathing suits and an ATV!

Ready, Set,............... What am I doing!

I have decided to start blogging. I am completely new to the entire business and I do not know how well I will keep it updated. I will surely get an A for a valiant effort, right? Today, I have set it up and that will be just about all I will be doing. I cannot wait to post pics, sayings (from the girls, of course). So ready, set, .... go!