It's History

It is hard to believe that twenty ten is six hours from the history books. We had our ups, downs, wins and loses. All in all, memories were made and that is truly what matters. I look forward to twenty eleven and all he will bring. (I call it "he", because that is what it seems like it will feel like, masculine). Can't wait to start my first full year of blogging. Hope you follow along with me.

It is not very often that I can actually catch Lillie off guard (it's like she has Mommy sensors!), so that is why this shot is special to me.

Here is sis, after basketball practice, trying on dresses for her school program (We just happen to buy the one pictured). We had so much fun with the camera shopping that day! She is still radiant, after basketball, in sweatpants and a t-shirt.

Happy New Year and God Bless



Grow Old With Me

Shannon and I have been running the marathon of marriage together for a few years. As we celebrated together, another year, I look at him and ponder how he looked at our first anniversary and wonder how he will look at our silver. Not necessarily physically (no doubt, he will still be dapper), but more so how we will still be working together everyday as partners, parents, and most of all friends.

He is my best friend (very cliche', I know, but it is true and I enjoy stating truths) and the more years we put in the rear view mirror I am so glad that he chose me.  Here is a toast, "to love, for us, it is all we need".

After our date, we went and picked up the girls at GG's (Shannon's Grandma) and had some fun! Check out the white hat, it is Dortha's. She couldn't remember when she got it, but it is between thirty and forty years old. Ainzli's eye's lit up when she saw it. Those pictures will come.  


It's Perfect

We are a real tree family. It is one of my most treasured Christmas traditions. 

Growing up Mom, Audri and I would always drive down to Richmond to cut down the "perfect" tree. I love those memories, priceless doesn't describe them. 

This year, as it has been the past 4 years, we go the Christmas tree farm that is located near the Delaware/Randolph county line. Hobson's Christmas Tree Farm. 

It was the perfect weather for tree hunting. It was lightly snowing, not too cold, and the sun was shining. We are always greeted by a warm, smiling face, handed a saw and wished "happy hunting". We then walk by the firepit, the donkey cleverly named Eeyore, and into the midst of a few hundred trees anxiously waiting to be cut down. Well, maybe that was an overstatement, but I am sure the one that we always choose is happy to have two very excited little girls doting over it. 

It did not take us long this year to choose our tree. It was right up front, the perfect height, short needled and a little too fat......... perfect.  Well, Shannon and I are thinking wonderful, we don't have to walk all the way to the back of the farm. It really is a "good piece" back to the back. (We did get a tree all the way on the back row one year). 

Well, our littlest woman was having no part of it. Lillie got so upset that we didn't walk around and look. I mean she was upset! Why does there have to be crying on this joyous occasion? So, of course, we compromised. We told her she could lead us around and we would look. So she did just that. We walked down the path, and all the while, she never pointed out another tree. After a nice little walk we asked her if the one we had originally seen would be ok. She stated with a smile on her face "yes". 

We headed back up front to cut down the "perfect" tree of 2010. 
The process of the tree cutting is Shannon and Ainzli sprawled out under the tree with Lillie looking on. Then when the tree is ready to come down, Ainzli grabs it and guides it to the ground. I know one year, in the not so distant future, she will be the one with the saw cutting away.

After the "big chop", the girls went up to the barn and brought Eeyore back to drag the tree to the truck. Not too worry, they had help. 
Ainzli was leading him with Lillie mounted on his back. 
We then warm up by the pot belly stove, indulge in hot chocolate, and pick out our wreath for the front door.



Cloud 9

I had mentioned a month or so ago about a project that I was working on for church. There was a bible study that started the beginning of September called "Cloud 9: A Call to Rise Above Common Ground". These are nine different ways for us to live a life more in line with that of Jesus Christ. Each week one of the 9 different subjects was discussed. Along with discussion, there was a plethra of scripture for us to reference, along with a challenge on that specific subject.

Well, I have finally finished it. I had so many idea's that I batted around, it was hard to narrow them down. Some I tried and they just did not look right, they didn't make sense, or they were just plain "bad" ideas.

Here is an example of the first idea I had:

The Challenge For This Week:

In the next 30 days read through one of the Gospels of Jesus Christ.

I was moving right along with this idea and I really like it in small projects, the first three weeks came to me so easily, but then I started to struggle with new ideas for all the letters. "Oh no", I thought, "I want all the letters to be different and this is going to be crazy hard and I have not allotted myself enough time......."You see procrastination is one of my virtues, curses I mean. Then the more I thought about it, this is a very busy design, and trying to put them all together just looked like a complete mess......... This is a "negative ghostrider."

So the review is coming up with the Crash (middle school aged group) at Harvest . My finished product is below, and to be honest, I am pleasantly optimistic that they will like it. The design is more tween geared and I hope will be a reminder to them that there are so many reasons to "Rise Above Common Ground."

Now here is my challenge to you....... pull out your Bible and take a look at these scriptures.
Trust me, you will feel anew.