Everyday Living

I love my coffee in the a.m. 
A nice big cup after my morning jog.
But that iPhone.
Am I on it too much? Am I wasting a ton of time on useless stuff?
I asked myself that a couple of weeks ago.
My answer was yes without even hesitating.
So, I talked to Shannon about it and he said that my usage had really gone up.
So I have become aware. 
I have set it aside and rarely mess with it.
The majority of the day it is playing Pandora.
I have to keep myself in check.

 Our dilapidated sandbox.
I am sad.
Lillie is even sadder.
I don't know why I have let it go this summer.
Sorry, Ms. Blue, it will be better next summer.

I had them but never played with them.
Ainzli had them and deconstructed their bodies.
Lillie has them and plays with them.
The Grismore Girls are all so different.

 Ms. Blue loves to be in the kitchen with me.
She does such a great job.
She is now the official "Onion Cutter".
She stated that, "I don't cry when I cut them like you do."
I don't like cutting those things anyway!!

 We got an American flag to fly this summer.
I love it.
I love American history.
There is something to be said for the people who sacrificed so much so that we 
could have a better life.
Gives me chills.
(We are a patriotic neighborhood. We have 3 veterans that live on our street.
The red, white and blue is flying high here!)

 Ms. Blue makes these frequently.
I don't want to ever forget these little things.
I love that her sisters is a heart this time.
She has learned to do her own name in cursive.
It is the only word she writes in it.

Ms. Blue: "Mom. Mom. Come here!"
Me: "Ok. Be there in a sec."
Ms. Blue: "Look."
Me: "Nice." 
Ms. Blue: "Take a picture of it."
Me: "Okey Dokey?"

It was her first art piece drawn with a ruler.
She is funny. 

 Lessons have not even started back up for fall.
She is back at it regularly.
She asked me the other day when they start.
She informed me that she does not want to ever stop playing the piano.
I hope and pray that is true.
And that she sticks with it.
There is nothing better than listening to your child belt something out on an instrument.

There is some program on this Mac, that she found, to take little pictures and videos of herself.
All. The. Time.
Love it. 

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