Remembering Summer Vacation: Part 3

A visual overload for this wonderful August weekend. Enjoy and have a great one!:)  

 My little morning spot.
I love our four seasons room.
I loved the short time the lilies were blooming.

 Before our mini vacation.
A bicycle carwash.

 She loves a website that allows her to dress
up dolls.  She doesn't care what she wears, but she
sure does like these cyber dolls to be all prettied up. 

 Neighborhood friends.
It's a special bond.

Indoor trampoline park.
Hour and a half is WAY too long!

 Just an afternoon.
Water balloons from the dollar bin at Target.
It took awhile to fill them up.
The girls had a filling system.
We bombed Daddy when he pulled in.
The fight was on............:)

 Sunflowers in my little front yard garden.
I loved to cut them and have fresh bouquets daily.
I walk around that little garden everyday.

 She found yoga on the Wii.
This girl is so not flexible.
She has been working on it. 
Good luck, Sis!

 Ms. Blue is a picker.
Plus she gets bug bites like crazy.
Horrible combination.
So we have to cover them up.
Poor little lamb.

 Ms. Ainzli loves sports.
She loves to play them.
She likes to watch basketball and American Ninja Warrior.
She told me the other day she wanted to do it (ANW) someday.
This girl can do anything she puts her mind too.

 Clyde's tree.
It is the neighborhood climbing tree.
It is right out our front door.
The kids are fun to watch.

 GG, Shannon's grandma, is 91 this year.
She is loved.

A couple of neighbor boys found this turtle in the creek.
I thought they drew on the bottom with a permanent marker.
They didn't.
God doesn't forget the tiniest of details.

Happy Friday to you! 

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