Everyday Living

I love my coffee in the a.m. 
A nice big cup after my morning jog.
But that iPhone.
Am I on it too much? Am I wasting a ton of time on useless stuff?
I asked myself that a couple of weeks ago.
My answer was yes without even hesitating.
So, I talked to Shannon about it and he said that my usage had really gone up.
So I have become aware. 
I have set it aside and rarely mess with it.
The majority of the day it is playing Pandora.
I have to keep myself in check.

 Our dilapidated sandbox.
I am sad.
Lillie is even sadder.
I don't know why I have let it go this summer.
Sorry, Ms. Blue, it will be better next summer.

I had them but never played with them.
Ainzli had them and deconstructed their bodies.
Lillie has them and plays with them.
The Grismore Girls are all so different.

 Ms. Blue loves to be in the kitchen with me.
She does such a great job.
She is now the official "Onion Cutter".
She stated that, "I don't cry when I cut them like you do."
I don't like cutting those things anyway!!

 We got an American flag to fly this summer.
I love it.
I love American history.
There is something to be said for the people who sacrificed so much so that we 
could have a better life.
Gives me chills.
(We are a patriotic neighborhood. We have 3 veterans that live on our street.
The red, white and blue is flying high here!)

 Ms. Blue makes these frequently.
I don't want to ever forget these little things.
I love that her sisters is a heart this time.
She has learned to do her own name in cursive.
It is the only word she writes in it.

Ms. Blue: "Mom. Mom. Come here!"
Me: "Ok. Be there in a sec."
Ms. Blue: "Look."
Me: "Nice." 
Ms. Blue: "Take a picture of it."
Me: "Okey Dokey?"

It was her first art piece drawn with a ruler.
She is funny. 

 Lessons have not even started back up for fall.
She is back at it regularly.
She asked me the other day when they start.
She informed me that she does not want to ever stop playing the piano.
I hope and pray that is true.
And that she sticks with it.
There is nothing better than listening to your child belt something out on an instrument.

There is some program on this Mac, that she found, to take little pictures and videos of herself.
All. The. Time.
Love it. 


Remembering Summer Vacation: Part 3

A visual overload for this wonderful August weekend. Enjoy and have a great one!:)  

 My little morning spot.
I love our four seasons room.
I loved the short time the lilies were blooming.

 Before our mini vacation.
A bicycle carwash.

 She loves a website that allows her to dress
up dolls.  She doesn't care what she wears, but she
sure does like these cyber dolls to be all prettied up. 

 Neighborhood friends.
It's a special bond.

Indoor trampoline park.
Hour and a half is WAY too long!

 Just an afternoon.
Water balloons from the dollar bin at Target.
It took awhile to fill them up.
The girls had a filling system.
We bombed Daddy when he pulled in.
The fight was on............:)

 Sunflowers in my little front yard garden.
I loved to cut them and have fresh bouquets daily.
I walk around that little garden everyday.

 She found yoga on the Wii.
This girl is so not flexible.
She has been working on it. 
Good luck, Sis!

 Ms. Blue is a picker.
Plus she gets bug bites like crazy.
Horrible combination.
So we have to cover them up.
Poor little lamb.

 Ms. Ainzli loves sports.
She loves to play them.
She likes to watch basketball and American Ninja Warrior.
She told me the other day she wanted to do it (ANW) someday.
This girl can do anything she puts her mind too.

 Clyde's tree.
It is the neighborhood climbing tree.
It is right out our front door.
The kids are fun to watch.

 GG, Shannon's grandma, is 91 this year.
She is loved.

A couple of neighbor boys found this turtle in the creek.
I thought they drew on the bottom with a permanent marker.
They didn't.
God doesn't forget the tiniest of details.

Happy Friday to you! 


Remembering Summer Vacation: Part 2

At home. With a "trying to get sick" little girl. Did some searching through some photos from summer on Friday. Posting them here for sentiment. I like being able to look at them occasionally. Like when I am sitting in the doctor's office and there is no good magazine. I typically bring this blog up and stare. Vain, I know, but I do. 

 Please let me in.
Ok, fine. I am doing the evil eye on you.
Are you vexed, yet? 
(Look at how filthy my window is. That is awful!)

Splash House.
iPhone photo.
We had fun that day. 

This is her best friend.
They have so much fun.
This is cherry makeup. 

Date Night.
We have not had enough of these lately.
A mixer sixer.
Noodles and Co.
The four seasons room.
aaahhhh............... I do love my Mr.

Our neighbor had his 150 to 200 year old oak tree dropped.
It was an amazing process.
It took 2 days.
There was a colony of honey bees in the top.
I was a little sad at their demise. 

My little front yard garden.
My mom bought me the cedar for Mother's Day.
I built it.
All by myself.
It has produced a nice little bounty for us.
I have learned a lot.
The girls love it.


To Remembering Summer Vacation

These are from June. A little glimpse of our wonderful summer!

 A donation.
That was rarely used in the Grismore abode.
Come to find out all the fun was had decorating the back.
I sincerely hope the new owner enjoys it more from the other side!

 She has always loved to play in her sandbox.
This day I believe she enjoyed playing with it in a bucket.
Who knew?

 Nothing better than line dried.


Our first harvest.
Puny. Of course.
We were excited all the same.

Happy weekend to all!



Finally. Today. I feel like I am able to breathe a little without missing the little women. I think about it and I almost feel foolish. I am pretty certain I can nail down the reason for all my angst. I am restless. I think, I have always been a restless soul. I have never been one of those people who has been certain of their path. I know that no one is 100% certain, but so many people seem to have a clue. I don't even feel like I can touch that category on my tippy toes. Not having the little women home to occupy me, scares me. I am alone with my thoughts. My mind is the scariest room to be in. Over the last couple of years I have really learned that I cannot change this particular part of me. Some things are just completely out of our control. I just have to give it up. Not the "I don't care" kind of give it up. But "hand it over" kind of give it up. God wants it. He wants to hold this weakness of mine. He wants to show me, if only I will let him, that He can work with it. I am trying. It is daily. Sometimes hourly. I have to be conscious of it. 
His will. His way.
Last night, we read Lillie's devotion, and I had to snicker.

The heading read, "What Are Your Strengths?"
We all have different gifts. Each gift came 
because of the grace that God gave us.
-Romans 12:6-

He is working on me. He is reassuring me that I am on the right path. First, I had to start with giving it up. No second guessing. No looking back. No worrying. Did you know that the word worry in German means "to strangle."? In Greek it means "to divide the mind." How am I ever going to be able to find my strength? To find that purpose that He created me for? The one thing that I can do better than anyone else? 
I don't know. I really don't, but I believe that I am on the path. The path that walks right beside Him. That is the start. He will show me. It may be a slap in the face glimpse. I know there are more glimpses that I don't even recognize, but I am trying. It will be in whatever way He deems it to be. It will only happen through faith. And trust. And knowing that only He can truly give me peace. That peace that seems to always be too far out of my reach. 
My gift is there. I believe it is close to starting to bloom. Not as tightly budded as it was a year ago. Or 6 months ago. Closer than it ever has been, and for that, I am forever grateful. 



We took a mini vacation in the middle of July. What, it's not still the middle of July? Holy Moley! But, I am getting the brief overview here now. I don't want to forget these little trips. We always have more fun than I ever expect. I don't know what it is, but we just blossom in new places. We are never anxious or nervous. Flourish, I tell you. We flourish.
Holland, Michigan. Who knew you could have a world away vacation in only 3 short hours?

 As soon as we arrived our bikes came off the rack.
They were our main mode of transportation the entire trip.
We rode to Windmill Island.
The girls were enjoying the horses.

 Windmill Island.
Hence, the windmill.
And said horses.

 The channel connecting a smaller lake to Lake Michigan.
Dug by hand in the late 1800's.
Big Ben.
The privately owned lighthouse.

 We really enjoyed watching whatever was coming through 
the channel.

 Every Thursday night in the summer
they shut down a couple of blocks and have a small street fair.
Very artsy little town.
We are in love.

 Shannon is showing Ms. Blue how to cut the sleeves off
of a shirt with a pocket knife.
Major survival skill.

 Why do I love your serious looks the most, my beauty?
I always have.

 Who knew you could have a beach vacation so close to home?

 Evening swim.
The beach was cleared out.
Not a soul to contend with.
That is when my heart starts thanking God for all his beauty.

 I love my sun hats.
She loves my sun hats.
We jockey for my sun hats.
Get your own little lady.
Oh wait, that's ok, you look too precious in it!

 This girl is like a fish.
Just try to get her to leave this water.
Good luck.
Side Note: The long thing in the background is a pier.
We jumped off of it.
All 4 of us.
Shannon said I was a little scarey.
Sorry, but my crazy roots break the surface when fun like that starts calling!

 Wake up sleepy head.
Get your booty out of bed.
She is so precious with her blankey tucked up under her face.

 We browsed the farmers market.

 We look like pros, don't we?

 The little women.

 The man and the woman.

 Um, hello!
Who has the best family ever?
(Two thumbs pointing back at her) 
This girl!

 The only think she wanted the entire 4 days were wooden shoes.
So, yep, she got.
$36 later!
But they are so cute, and she does clank around the house in them.

Don't judge!
It was on the way home. 
Sort of.
We love their brews.
And yes, that is one of my daughter's hands.

The trip was great. We had a wonderful time. We will be returning. You should give it a try. I have heard any town along the eastern coast of Lake Michigan is worth seeing. Hopefully, we will be telling you about a few more of them!