Handy Photo Tuesday: Homework Edition

Handy Photo Tuesday. Don't you love it! I surely hope so.
Oh my. This one is fun!

We have hit the year of homework. It is every night. It is not only one paper, like last year. It is at least two subjects with a math time test and spelling bingo to boot.  Ainzli is doing great with it. She comes home with about 20 minutes of down time, snack included. Then she gets started.  I am sssoooo glad we established the "homework table" last year. Not kidding. Shear genius!

So this particular day Ainzli wanted me to sit directly beside her and help her with every single question. I will not do this. It is not my homework. It is English. I know she knows what she is doing. I will pass through frequently for moral support.

Not Good Enough! So I concede. I pull up my rocking chair. Sit behind her. I stay there because I can sense that we are on the verge of some sort of melt down. I am pretty sure this is what good mama's do.

And it goes a little something like this.........................

This isn't so bad.

Read a chapter in my much loved
"Around the World in 80 Days".

OMG. Now I remember why homework stinks!

I must widen my eyes to keep from falling asleep! 

 My view.
Poor Sis. 
So diligently working. 

"Way to Go, Ainzli!"
I was chanting this in my head.  

Phone on vibrate.
I snuck up behind her.
She never even knew I was there.

It was an hour.
This was the longest evening for homework.
She finished.
No tears.
Felt good about it.
Didn't complain.



Just Thinking

I got to thinking this weekend about a few things. I was looking at the six pictures I snapped. They were enough. They tell a complete story. Just the six of them. A story of how a mother and an aunt take time to pass down their knowledge about things they know best. About how their mother did the same for them. And about how this mother will, God willing, do the same.

My mama. My aunt. 
The process in which you are able to enjoy 
sweet corn throughout the winter.

It is quite the assembly line. 
The huge pots of boiling water.
The big bowls in which you "scrape" the corn.
The baskets on the floor for the bare cobs.
The bags at the end full of the yummy sweetness.

The two beautiful women whom I get to share this scene with. 

Thank you Mom and Aunt Mandy. Love you both. Dearly.

*Sidenote: If you were ever curious about a kitchen with different colored cabinets on top and bottom. You should definitely take a stroll to my mama's kitchen. She designed it all by herself. She did an amazing job!


Yummy. Fresh. Goodness

We are enjoying so many fresh vegetables right now.  I LOVE IT!
Our lunches are packed full of goodness.
Makes me feel like a good mama right now. I so enjoy feeding my family.:)
It's the small pleasures. Right?
Our enjoyables are seen below.

Getting ready to go pick, shuck, cook, scrape........... put up corn for the winter.
The rest of my Mama's beans should be coming on next week.
Oh Golly. Can you tell I'm excited?!

Oh Happy Day.



Trying To Do Better

There are people in my life who are just really good at brightening my day. You know that person who will just stop by to say hey. Give you a nice little bouquet of flowers. Send you a nice little letter in the mail (don't you love to get personal mail? I surely do!) Bring you over fresh peppers from their garden. Offer to take care of your little animals whenever you go on vacation.
Just always thinking of other people.
I do not seem to be one of those people. I am trying. That is all I can do.
I am praying for a more giving heart.
Please, Jesus, grant me a more giving heart.

These are little greeting cards. 
I made them (pretty proud of that!)
My aunt has made cards for me in the past.
I always send them all out. 
Love it. 
These are for my neighbor. 
She is one of those people I was talking about.
The veggies are from her garden.

Have a colorful day.



Handy Photo Tuesday

This "Handy" Photo Tuesday is dedicated to my little Stella Macaroni. She was five on June 15th. She is the bestest dog in whole wide world. Yes, she is.  She is definitely one loved canine:)!

She absolutely loves to go anywhere with us. You say "bye-bye" and it is all over. She plays ball. Soccer ball that is. She can carry a ball on her snout across our front yard. She is the neighborhood greeter. Everyone knows her. Our next door neighbor makes her and another dog their own treats. Makes me wonder why in the heck she would want to come home! But, she does.

Her ears are huge! They are always standing erect. 
She is a very well marked B.T. (Boston Terrier!)
Instagram with Inkwell filter.

You say her name and she tilts her head in the cutest way.
I am telling you, she could be in a commercial!
Instagram with Earlybird filter.

Oh my goodness. This one is my favorite!
"Let me in with you, Lillie! Please!Please!"
She loves to get up on the side of the bathtub.
She would get in if we would let her.
She likes to take a bath.
She will also lick the outside of the bathtub.
Makes us nuts!
It's a super annoying sound!
Instagram with Lomo-fi filter.



Too Much Fun

I really had too much fun this weekend. It started on Friday and did not end until I laid my head down last night. Gosh, feeling pretty blessed!

This is Chum. 
If you get a certain teacher in third grade, their is a class pet. 
Students sign up for a weekend to take him home.
Ainzli does not have that teacher, but her very good friend does. 
We got to spend some time with him this weekend.
He might just be the cutest rodent ever!

Oh, Ms. Blue!
Your legs have taken a complete beating this week.
One nasty scooter wreck. 
Then you insist on bringing attention too them with your Jasmine socks.
Her Daddy says socks with sandals is back.
Hmmmm? Not so sure about that. 

Putt Putt Golf. We rarely do it. We did it too celebrate Ms. Blue.
She got her Kindergarten shots this week. She did not cry. Not one little bit.
So Strong.  

We took over the course. 
We were beyond silly. Fun. So much Fun!

When I get in a sports mode, I get very competitive. 
I love healthy competition. 
I love Ainzli in both of these pictures. 
She is funny! 

We have wanted a hammock for quite sometime. 
Found one on the clearance shelf at Target. 
It is awesome.
Ultimate way to relax.



The Lone Eater

As we are finishing up our first full week of school. It really has been wonderful! I had a few concerns for Ms. Blue. It was nothing too big, but concerning considering I know her so well.

Ms. Blue is a fairly slow eater. I am talking feels like she is going in reverse some days. We will finish up supper, the other three of us, and she will have barely touched her food. We are eating at normal pace, talking, Ainzli is asking to be excused and I will look over and Ms. Blue has taken maybe 5 bites.

This was concerning to me. I tried to the best of my abilities to get her prepared. We started to time our lunches about a week before school started. I would tell her this is when lunch will start. We would eat. Ainzli and I would finish. Ms. Blue would still be sitting there. I would tell her, "ok, at school, lunch would be over."

The first time her eyes got as big as silver dollars! She almost seemed a little panicky. It got better. She really did start to grasp that there will be only a certain amount of time. Good for her, lets just pray it makes it into her thoughts at school.

I think it has. She does eat quite a lot when I check her lunchbox. I am proud of her. She is getting so big. I just hope someday that she will start eating a little more quickly here at home. I won't hold my breath!

Last night. Supper. Table cleared. Dishwasher Full. Pots washed. 
Lillie still eating. 
This is pretty regular at the Grismore abode. 
Although, I will have to be honest, I love talking to her during this time.

Happy. Happy. Happy. Happy Friday to You!



Coming to Fruition

Shannon and I can be quite the DIY team. When we put our minds to it, we can really accomplish a lot. So with that being said, you will have to check back soon. Very soon. We are in the midst of our biggest project to date.

Stoked. So very stoked am I!

This has nothing to do with our project. I just snipped these Zinnia's last night after we buttoned things up. I just love them. I have been drying their seeds so hopefully next summer I can have an entire bed of them. Yippee!

  • The Zinnia's are from a pot in the backyard.
  • The artwork is Ainzli's from Photo Camp 2011.
  • The table was my Granny Phyllis'. I miss her like crazy:)
  • The line down the wall is wax from a pillar candle that burnt through its side. Maybe someday I will scrape it off. You know, in all my kidless time.

Have a wonderful day!



Where Did It Go?

Time that is! I promise, this will soon end. I am really just trying to adjust. I knew it would be hard. I did not realize the day would drag out so long. Yesterday, I did domestic things. Got quite a bit done. Still had time to eat lunch insanely slow and read, read, read.

For those of you who have little ones I am sure their is a little piece of you, on certain days, that longs for when "everyone" is in school. I can remember that flash. One is crying, the other is pouring juice down the front of the cabinets and you are certain that it will never end. It does. Sometimes you have guilt for your thoughts. Sometimes you yelled. That night, as you contemplate the day, looking back it was not all that big of a deal. It wasn't. But don't worry, I would say 97% of us mama's have been there. The other 3% have something I don't. If you are one of them please tell me what it is so I can try to acquire it.  

I can remember when Lillie was a baby and Ainzli was a little girl, wondering what it would be like when they were 9 and 6. I specifically remember 9 and 6! I have arrived at 9 and 6. What! When! How! It seemed so far away then. At that time; time seemed to stand still. No longer. It is zooming. And it seems to be leaving me behind. I know it isn't. I am here for all of it. I am so immensely grateful for that. It is still zooming. Full speed ahead with no way to apply the brakes.

It's ok. In fact, it's great. I am just so.........so "crazy" right now. We have had some major changes in our life over the last couple of months. Good changes. Great changes. I had a wise person once tell me, "the only thing in life that is constant is change." Yep, sure is.:)

I have had this one in my "BlogFamily" folder since May. 
My little women and me. Mother's Day. Picnic at the reservoir. 
I know this is a random one.
I am the conductor of the crazy train this week!

Ms. Blue and I had a day to ourselves last week. We were just walking around enjoying each others company. She thinks it is just a "regular" day. 
Oh no love, it's not. 
We are making memories!

A very nice man offered to take our picture. He walked up from behind me while 
Lillie was taking my picture. 
I am sure that looked no less than odd. 
A little lady with a big camera. 
He seemed nice enough, so of course I told him just what to do. 
I can be slightly bossy, even to strangers. 
Thank you nice passer by. I would not have this shot without you. 

 I am off to my domestic duties. Taking on Lillie's room today. Daunting task I tell you, daunting.



Handy Photo Tuesday

Well, I don't have anything that consistantly reoccurs on this blog. This could be the one!
I have been thoroughly enjoying the iPhone camera. Again, it is wonderful.
So when the little women got home today I wanted to capture, without a whole lot of fuss, what they are doing. Sometimes with my "big" camera I try to get the "perfect" shot (whatever the heck that is!) and just end up annoying them. So with the phone, that tends to not happen.

Here's what I got today:

Immediately, after walking in the front door, we gather at the breakfast bar for a quick chat.

Love it. 
Love it.
Love it.

Ms. Blue then quickly goes to her bedroom. Shuts the door completely. Enters her extravagant world of make believe. Her imagination is infinite. After a bit she emerges. She then sits at the homework table to doodle.

 Lillie doodles. She doodles well. Very geometric doodles.
Instagram with the X-Pro ll filter

Ainzli places everything in her room. She gets her papers out and brings them to me. She is very good about that. I then tell her she can play outside for a bit with a friend. I mention getting in the pool. She takes me up on it with haste!

Ainzli floats. Beautifully floats.
Instagram with the Hefe filter.

Hope you like my "handy" photos:)



First Day of School

Ok. So it is under my belt. The little women are both officially school girls. It was good. Really good. They both had great days. And honestly, it was not so bad on my end either. Although I will have to be honest. Shannon and I dropped them off at school and I did not go home until about 2pm. That was only for about 5 minutes. Then I went and picked them up.

I did get some pretty cool shoes for winter on my "no girls" excursion!

They wore matching outfits............another heart singing moment. They want too. I am not sure how much longer this will last, but I will savor every time they want too.
Oh my goodness. I have such good girls.:)

I got to hear all about their days this evening. We had kind of a busy afternoon, so there was not a massive amount of focus on all the intimate details of their days. I thought I would share my personal highlights from their days. Enjoy!

Ainzli: There are three new kids in our class. New to our school.

Me: Really? That sounds neat? Are they nice?

Ainzli: Yes. My teacher asked them "who were three of the 
kids who went out of their
way most to make you feel welcome?" 
Mom, they all three said I was one of them. 

I think Shannon and I just might be some of the proudest parents ever!

Lillie: Mom, Kolten is in my class!
 (He is a little boy from her preschool)

Me: Great! 
Lillie: I saw Jay and Isaac too.

At this point I must have looked puzzled.
I could not remember who one of the little boys was. 

Lillie: Remember Mom, he likes the T-Rex and he spits on you when he talks.

Oh Golly! Cracks me up! I love little people. 
Oh Happy Days are in our future. Very happy days!



A School Girl ?!

I think the next week of posts could be fairly sentimental. Easily written with tears.
Last night we had Open House at school. We took all the little women's supplies to their classrooms. Got them associated with the rooms. Meet Ainzli's teacher. We already know Lillie's. Talked with old friends we had not seen all summer. It went great.

Still can't believe Ms. Blue is going to school. Again, she is ready. I am not. I am excited for her. Not for me. I am completely aware that all of this sounds selfish. I am being selfish. The first step to recovery is admittance. I try my darndest not to verbalize it around her. I don't want to hold her back in any way. I think I am doing a pretty good job.

That's all I have to say about that.

The girls really like the game Horton Hears A Who. It is for younger kids, but the Horton face you wear is so much fun!

I am going to enjoy my last weekend of summer vacation. Hope you enjoy yours too!



Making Them Laugh

Shannon has this way with the little women. He has forever been able to make them laugh from tears. This "Don't you smile" trick works for him. Crazy. It does not at all work for me. Never has. The brutality!
Shannon was grilling on the front porch. The party pad was closed due to rain. The three of them were just out there hanging out. What good mama doesn't go get her camera?!

Yummy. My husband that is.

Cute kids too. 

Do you remember the time when you would ask your parents or someone to tickle you? I do. I am so glad my kids are still young enough to be asking us to do silly things like this. 



Handy Photo Tuesday

I love having a phone (Handy: that is what the Europeans call their cell phones. "Handies") that you can take good pictures with. It truly has made my want/need for a point-&-shoot obsolete. I don't tend to download the pictures with any sort of urgency, but I needed to share some of them here.
I love looking through my camera roll and laughing at some of the pictures or videos that Ms. Blue has taken. She will take 5 videos in a row of just her feet/face/hand/floor. The funny thing is, I will hear myself in the background talking. I think I sound so odd on video, let alone on video I don't know is being taken.
I will have to be honest, I have heard myself yelling. That was the worst. I sound like that? No, not me? Yes, you Autumn! Dang it! Blasted videos!
I love the camera on the iPhone. It takes great pictures. Decent timing (I mean the delay you can get with a not so fast camera. You know what I mean, when you totally miss the shot!). Nice zoom. Easily switches back between camera and video. I have also downloaded Instagram. It has great filters on it. They are so fun to play with. My only complaint is that the pictures are always square. I love square pictures. I also really like having the options of not having square pictures. So here are a few of my faves.

One day this past spring Ms. Blue and I played at the park. The grass was so green and beautiful. These little white flowers were everywhere. 
This is an Instagram photo with no filter. 

Ainzli snapped this picture at Lillie's piano lesson. I just love it. So simple, but what a story. 
Instagram with the Inkwell filter.

 This is the only photo posted straight from the iPhone camera. They have very nice resolution. They are true 4x6 sizes. Color stays very true. I would expect nothing less from an Apple product!:)

 This shot is from the top of the Eiffel Tower at Kings Island. It was about 8'oclock at night, so I was not sure how well it would come out. I think it looks nice. 
Instagram with the Hefe filter.

 Manhole cover. Found after leaving Ribfest. I call this one "selfish".
Simple. Great Composition. Like. Love. 
Instagram with the X-pro II filter

Happy Tuesday!



Travis And Sarah

I was asked to do an engagement photo session. Honored? Yes. Excited? Yes. Butterflies in my stomach? Yes. It has been awhile since I have taken pictures of anybody but family. It went great. They are such a fun couple. I love feeling the excitement of couples in their shoes.
They are getting married in October. They are planning. They are well organized. They are both such easy going individuals. Their big day will be beautiful. 

I wanted to share a couple of frames with you.

Congratulations, Travis and Sarah!
Thank you for the honor of capturing some memories for you :)



Yummy Muffins, Sis

Ainzli and I rose early today. She had a friend stay all night who had to leave early this morning. Early for other families is alarmingly early for the Grismore's! The early rising got Ainzli motivated to make breakfast. Great I say. Have at it.
She decided to make blueberry muffins. She did it with minimal help. She knows so much more about stuff in the kitchen than I ever did at 9. She has always been very observant. She could tell you where all the groceries go at 5. No joke. My mother-in-law was amazed!

I tell her it's ok to lick your spoon,spatula, fingers when it's for us. 
Not so much with guests!  

Thank you for the yummy breakfast today, sis. Can't wait to try your next concoction!



It's A Big Day, Folks!

For any of you out there who have elementary school children or remember being an elementary school child, you probably get the significance of this day. The day you find out who your teacher is! Oh Golly! Even before second grade was over, Ainzli was talking about who she wanted for third grade. You always go through the same conversation, "It doesn't matter, it will be a good year.............You are a good student so really you shouldn't worry...........I have heard good things about them all.....etc, etc, etc."
Well I'll be doggoned if Ms. Ainzli did not get who she wanted, again, this year!
What kid gets so blessed as to get the teacher she has wanted every year since kindergarten? Ms. Ainzli that is who. I was trying to break the ice of disappointment for her this year, but it was all in vain!
We were pretty certain who Ms. Lillie would get. The same teacher Ainzli had in kindergarten. She did.
I am excited. We are all smiles here at the Grismore abode. And for good reason. It is going to be a great school year. I can just feel it in my bones. :)

All smiles.............. :)

We enjoyed an ice cream cone when we got home today. Hm, I hope that thing isn't stuck!

They were talking, like sisters do, out on the party pad. And then they started playing footsie. Honestly, I beam at stuff like this. :)

Here Ainzli is informing Lillie of some the things she will be doing in her teachers class. There are so many things to tell her now. "From experience", of course. 

Oh my, summer break is coming to an end.
There is a bitter sweetness in the air.
Good things to come.
Good things to come.